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May '12

Sheena Love To Travel…And Make Cupcakes

Wow, I’m on a total cupcake binge! Recently I’ve been reading cupcake blogs, buying cupcake books, cupcake coloring kits, cupcake muffin pans and – of course – cupcakes!

I love cupcakes! No question about it. However, I think I love making cupcakes probably even more. Especially with my four year old nephew (who loves cupcakes asĀ  well!).

My four year old nephew is also really into pirates. Pirate flags, pirate talk and pirate cupcakes! However, alien cupcakes are a close second! :)

However, I personally prefer these beautiful butterfly cupcakes myself. Oh, and this adorable ladybug cupcake and bumblebee cupcake pair!

Now if they would only come up with calorie free cupcakes. That would be heaven!

But, alas, it’s time to check out some of the best elliptical machines of 2012 for my new home – I’ve got the feeling that I’m going to need to work out a lot in the coming months.