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May '12

Van Gogh is Bipolar

Last August 8, my fiancé and I celebrated what would be our last anniversary in August (we’re getting married next March!). After he finally put down his PS3 repair guide (because he had a PS3 overheating issue) he took me to a place I’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time now. I’m so happy to tell you that finally, I have been to Van Gogh is Bipolar and that the experience was incredible!

Van Gogh is Bipolar is by Jetro Rafael, a clinically diagnosed bipolar, who believes that food can affect our moods. Definitely only happy vibes here though as he shares with you his culinary experiments and discoveries. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before you enter and check out the house rules!

(Commercial: This is the first time I shot using a Lumix in lowlight because I didn’t bring my DSLR, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing so do forgive the blurry photos)

As Jetro would later on tell us guests, Van Gogh is Bipolar is also his way of showing others a glimpse of “his world”, and oh, what a world it is. It’s like a brain on caffeine times one thousand. And I mean that in a very good way. Like, Yowza Captiva!

There are no waiters and everything is self-service. You may ring the bell though if you need anything and Jetro himself will be happy to assist you. Hello!

Van Gogh is Bipolar opens only to 12 diners per night and they’re by reservation only. This is the red room. A friend of mine visited months ago and the set up on this section was different (they sat on the floor). I think that’s one of the charms of Van Gogh is Bipolar; things are added, things are removed and there’s a lot of change all the time so it’s always a delightful surprise each time you visit.

This is the area for group diners. That night, I think they had around 5 people in this place. The shadows are so pretty and otherworldly.

And this is where we ate that night! People stick letters, calling cards and other things on this part of the wall. Sure made for a very interesting read.

Now let’s begin our enchanting feast. The drink with me here is called “Love Potion”. It was really good. So sad I wasn’t able to finish it though because there was no more space in my tummy by the end of the night. The cute thermos with the union jack is where you get hot water for the tea (see below!)

As you wait for your food, Jetro will invite you to make some tea first to relax. I love tea, so don’t mind if I do! Choose from a variety of not only teas, but also teapots! How cute and very Alice In Wonderland-ish!

I had one with banana leaves, my first time to try that! And if you wish, you may add sugar too! Or as my fiancé said, “some honey for my honey!” Haha!

And I eat! Reasons why I will never be a food blogger: One, I have no idea how to properly describe my food, and two, I easily devour the food once it’s served infront of me, which leaves me unable to take a decent photo of it. This explains why for this post, we only have photos of the appetizer, the dessert and of me drinking the soup. I’m sorry.

Aside from letting us choose if we’d have a 3, 4 or 5 course meal, Jetro also asked us to choose if we wanted “happy” or “chill” for our main course. “Happy”, as we learned, is fish based and “chill” is meat based.

I had the 3 course “happy” meal: turkey soup, well-done tuna sashimi with pasta and dessert and my fiancé had the 4 course “chill” meal which was turkey soup, special appetizer, lamb ratatouille with pasta and dessert. They were so amazing, I cannot describe them and will not even attempt to do so.

The experience here was one of a kind and it’s really hard to put to words. Everything felt personal and light. It was charming, beautiful, crazy and eclectic yet at the same time, relaxed and laidback. It’s something you would have to experience for yourself. I obviously, highly recommend this place.

To add to his many trinkets, I decided to leave one of the bookmarks I designed (available online!) I wonder if he’ll keep it here in this shelf! Heehee! If you visit and see it let me know! Anyway, as we were leaving, he came up to us and gave me a little souvenir, which I thought was really sweet and awesome!

Jetro said that this was from one of his many travels; it’s a Czechoslovakia postage stamp! This must be a rarity now because Czechoslovakia has been split in two since 1993 into the Czech Republic and Slovakia! How awesome? Thanks Jetro for the special gift and for the wonderful experience. We had a great time and we’ll be back soon. I’m taking my brothers and friends with me!

Van Gogh is Bipolar is located at 154 H. Maginhawa St. Silkatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines. Text (+63)922-8243051 for reservations.